Changing WHM nameserver IP's or Fixing No IP

Changing the Nameserver IPs of the WHM or Fixing No IP

If the client is getting the Nameserver IPs from the Main >> DNS Functions >> Nameserver IPs as

Nameserver IP           Zones   2   2

  •  From WHM to change them you can it from
Main >> Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel & WHM Setup >> Nameservers

  •  From the shell you can change it with the below mentioned process
#vi /etc/nameserverips
change it to the appripriate IP address and Local host.

  • Then access the file /var/cpanel/nameserverips.yaml
#vi /var/cpanel/nameserverips.yaml
Replace the appropriate nameservers and the IP address.

  • After that restart the service
#service named restart OR #/etc/init.d/named restart
#service cpanel restart OR #/etc/init.d/cpanel restart

Check for the changes in the Nameserver IPs of the WHM.

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